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Why Open RAN?

Associate level

about 5 hours of content
Available in English
$300.00 excluding tax
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In summary

This Learning Program will help you to gain awareness of the motivation and imperative of Open RAN and its potential to transform the industry.

Upon completion of this learning program, you will be able to:

  • Define what Open Ran is and explain the drivers, benefits and challenges of Open RAN.
  • Outline the process towards the O-RAN Alliance creation and the major agreements which propelled Open RAN adoption.
  • Explain the...

Course modules - about 5 hours

Why Open RAN?
Why Open RAN - Discussion Forum 1 2023
Why Open RAN - Pre-test 2023
Why Open RAN - Final Survey 2023
Why Open RAN - Discussion Forum 2 2023
Why Open RAN? 2023
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