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Distributed Unit (DU) and Centralized Unit (CU) analysis

Professional Level

about 10 hours of content
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$500 excluding tax
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In summary

This Learning Program provides a detailed vision of the architecture and functionalities of the DU and CU as well as the HW that supports it and the implementation and integration scenarios.

Upon completion of this learning program, you will be able to:

  • Characterize at a low level the HW that supports DU and CU.
  • Identify the different applicable scenarios and understand where to place each network function.

TIP Academy...


TIP Academy

Course modules - about 10 hours

Distributed Unit (DU) and Centralized Unit (CU) analysis
Distributed Unit (DU) and Centralized Unit (CU) analysis - Pre-test
DU & CU split architecture
How to: run the bandwidth calculation for DU and CU
DU architecture and requirements
CU architecture and requirements
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